People struggle to change and develop the healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life they desire. We all have a life story, a life situation that can sometimes hold us back from striving for our potential, or from discovering our true physical and mental strength. A situation or state that keeps us stuck.

Research shows that of the 92% that set a new resolution, only 8% actually follow through and achieve their goals.

So, we are here to challenge that and shift those numbers with our pioneering coaching framework.

Podium GRO by Podium Mind and Body Personal Training and Personal Development


How are we going to empower people to finally take control of their health, their development and actually stick to their desired path?

Introducing GRO, the first all in one personal training and development system.

With this system, we fill in the gaps - we provide the tools, courses and training to understand why we do what we do, how to manage our minds and clear actions on how to to continously improve your health, fitness, performance and confidence in the key areas of your life.

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course Wexford Dublin Wicklow


    ''This was literally life-changing for me, not just physically but above all mentally. I started because I wanted accountability to help get into a healthy, consistent routine with my exercise but it became so much more for me. I've discovered myself, my strength, and my resilience but most importantly it's helped me to create a life that I truly love.''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course Wexford Dublin Wicklow


    ''If you are thinking about signing up to a course, just do it, you won't regret it.''


    ''On a personal level it made my relationship the best it's ever been. My husband and I worked together throughout and the results were unreal for both of us. We have both taken up running together surprising ourselves how fast we have become and now we crave fresh wholesome food!''


    ''I was nervous to commit but at the same time I really wanted to do it, I was worried I had to give up everything that I loved and physically I wouldn't be able for it. I was wrong. It's not about giving up your life, its about building the one you want.''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course Wexford Dublin Wicklow


    ''I have to say without a doubt that embarking on this journey is one of the best decisions I have ever made. From an exercise, nutrition and mentality aspect, it is spot on. Not only did I achieve results which I could only dreamed of, but the knowledge I have gained will make a healthier and happier me for years to come. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about taking steps to a better you.''


    ''As a person who sets goals and challenges..this challenge was so enjoyable start to finish. I was afraid when I joined that I'd quit after a few weeks..just like the other online courses I bought. But when you get interest into your goals and you start to see results there was no giving up.''




Knowledge is power and the key to successful change is understanding why you are here and where you want to go. Many struggle with understanding the importance of self care, of continuous learning and growth. Many even feel guilty to think about themselves. However the best thing you can do for your family and friends is to give yourself time, to build awareness and get a clear understanding of who you are and what would create a happy and fulfilling life. Whether that means a focus on mind, on the body or both. Learn this and more in our video based 'Foundation for Success' series.


You only have one body. It's time to create a physique that you are proud of, with and without clothes. Building a strong and lean body gives untold confidence and opens up opprtunities in all areas of life. With Podium, Lose excess weight, reduce fat and build muscle with our training programmes and on-demand sessions. Train in a commercial gym, at home or both. Leverage the in app tools and prompts to get clarity, direction, and train on the go. With one to one or group coaching, together we peel back the layers to uncover a strong and powerful self, ready to grab the reins of life.


Training plans at Podium can involve weight training, running, hiking, swimming, spinning and beyond. We create programmes with variety to help you on your journey. You also have the ability to further customise your plan to add workouts, cardio and/or move them around to fit your schedule, so you can truly use the platform to capture and plan your unique progress. Our health and fitness goal is to create a lifestyle of movement, with a combination of exercises or experiences that you love.

Nutrional guidance and tracking are also key features, with sample menus and plans on how to plan your meals, your shopping, manage social occasions and more. Gain in depth knowledge on managing your macro nutrients to reach your body composition goals and maintain a healthy and consistent diet into the future.


Learn how the brain works and gain a greater understanding of why we do the things we do, the good, the bad and the ugly. Through understanding comes the ability to better control our thoughts, feelings and actions. Having control of our actions allows us to maintain momentum, avoid temptations and continue to strive. Top athletes all over the world include mindset training in their coaching. We believe everyone looking to be and perform at their best needs mindset training and is at top of our agenda.


The list of benefits from becoming more aware and living a more mindful and healthy lifestyle are endless. Through our Foundation for Success training, the holistic view to preparing for change allows you to become more conscious and gain clarity for what direction you want to go in life. This in turn helps you to sustain that focus and motivation for future changes, habits and goals.


The state of our sleep, diet, exercise routines, mindset, health, mindful habits and more, all contribue to our ability to consistently perform at our highest level. Increase your efficiency and productivity levels at home and at work by shining a light on these core success indicators.


Build positive relationships by taking the time to understand your own needs and wants in life. Engage your family as a role model by passing on and teaching the key learnings and practices in the areas of positive psychology, mindset and body confidence. Creating a happy and fullfilling life for yourself will enable you to focus more on others and spread real joy in their lives. Discover a new glow that not only will you notice, but others will too..


Confidence is not something you have or are born with. Confidence is something you build. You must build competence in order to create confidence, learn how to be better, how to exercise, how to eat better, how to present yourself, how to organise your life to allow you to perform better. You must challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone to learn new things in order to change and achieve greater confidence in all areas of your life. Get engaged and create new ambitions in your life again through developing a stronger and healthier body and mind.


Taking control of your health and wellbeing opens up your eyes to new and exciting posibilities in life, while also giving you the ability to develop what you already have and love. It gives you the confidence to pursue only what matters to you. To transform the overall quality of your life, it takes daily practice and a shift in mindset. At Podium, we teach you how to do this, and how to continue doing this every day going forward.

Lana Gregan Podium GRO Coach Influencer


Lana is a passionate creator, designer and dreamer. Throughout her journey, she has experienced and overcome enormous challenges and is always looking to support others going through the same. Studying personal development has been a life long endeavour, continuously researching, practicing and teaching lessons learned along the way. A seasoned entrepreneur, Lana's core mission has been to look for opportunities and solutions to help others build confidence, express themselves at their best, and succeed. Here at Podium, as a certified life coach and business consultant, that mission lives on. Lana curates daily research backed learnings and tools to help you manage the challenges of growth and achieve your goals.

Top Coach Emmet Gregan South East of Ireland Photoshoot Podium GRO


Emmet Gregan is one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Ireland and was featured in a list of top fitness pros by The Irish Times.

After training clients in South Dublin for a number of years, Emmet brought this experience home to Gorey, Co. Wexford. Emmet was the first to establish Body Composition and Performance coaching in the region and over the last 9 years, has trained and mentored multiple coaches that have since successfully transitioned into their own practices around the south east and beyond.

Emmet has over 10 fitness qualifications and has trained with some of the best coaches in the world. At Podium, Emmet is the Head Coach, designing and choreographing all fitness and health programming and coaching.


    - *NEW*Foundation for Success Course (Worth €250)

    - *NEW* GRO LIFE HUB (Life Management System) (Worth €150)

    - PodiumGRO App Access

    - Progress Tracking

    - Monthly Training Programme (Gym & Home - Fat Loss & Muscle Building)

    - On Demand sessions

    - Exercise Library

    - Nutritional Guidance

    - GRO Group Weekly Coaching Session with Emmet

    - Daily Learning with Lana on Mindset, Performance & Personal Development

    - *New Mastermind Groups

    - Exclusive Discounts for Events

    - Start the day you purchase!



    Quarterly Subscription

    (Per 12 weeks)

    - €167

    *Only €1.99 per day!

    Sign up to GRO Q HERE

    Yearly Subscription

    - €577 (Save €91p/y)

    Sign up to GRO Y HERE


    - Everything in GRO GROUP

    - Weekly one to one coaching/ Check-Ins with Emmet

    - Direct in app support

    - Start the day you purchase!



    Quarterly Subscription

    (Per 12 Weeks)

    - €217

    Sign up to GRO PLUS Q HERE

    Yearly Subscription

    - €767 (Save €101 p/y)

    Sign up to GRO PLUS Y HERE


    - 18 Weeks Transformation Course

    - Everything in GRO GROUP PLUS for duration of package

    - One to One coaching with Emmet & Lana, weekly check-ins

    - Custom Training and Nutrition programming (Calorie & Macros)

    - Direct DM Support

    - Fitness Photoshoot on Completion, shoots are done on Fridays. (Optional)

    - Start the day you purchase!


    - 3 Payments of €257, 6 week intervals

    Sign up to GRO GOLD


    - €667 (Save €104)

    Sign up to GRO GOLD UPFRONT

    *Looking to add in studio sessions? Contact us to check eligibility

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  • Podium GRO Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course


    ''If you are thinking of joining, stop the thinking and just sign up! The results speak for themselves, I was where you are this time 6 months ago and now I have so much knowledge that I can carry forward.''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course


    ''My only regret was that I didn't do it sooner. I hummed and hawed about doing it for the last 18 months and only signed up on the last day but I can safetly say it was more than I expected to gain from it. This has helped me to become stronger and leaner than I ever was before and gain a much better understanding. The app is excellent at keeping you focused on your daily goals and also assessing your progress over the weeks which I found made me want to continuously improve. if you are thinking of signing up just do it. I promise you it will be completely worth it. ''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course


    ''The advice is top class and it soon becomes a lifestyle change and actually enjoyable. Definitely recommended for anyone.''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course


    ''It was just fantastic..I'm so happy with the results and now when I see the photos it's even better''

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course Wexford Dublin Wicklow


    The whole programme was life changing. Not only has it helped me physically but it also helped me get mentally strong as well. It has given me the knowledge to continue it in my everyday lifestyle. For anyone undecided, the one piece of advice I can give you, is to definitely go for it as its one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Podium Fitness Photoshoot Transformation Course Wexford Dublin Wicklow


    ''Love the way the photos are taken, did a fantastic job..really appreciated all the support..''

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