Lana Gregan


Lana Gregan has worked closely with Emmet Gregan since the beginning. Business partner and wife, together they developed The Fitness Tailor from concept to the successful business it is today, 9 years on. 


In addition to The Fitness Tailor Lana has developed, grown and exit a number of businesses to date including,
- Eikon Nail and Beauty House - Beauty (Physical Salons)
- Dressup Market - Fashion & Technology (Online)
- Bezzu - Fashion & Technology (Online)
From starting small business to achieving multi million euro investments, Lana has worked alongside some of the most impressive and experienced entrepreneurs in Ireland, with incredible learnings along the way.


Lana is a passionate creator, designer and dreamer. Throughout her journey, like many others, she has experienced and overcome enormous challenges and is always looking to support others going through the same. From the beginning, helping others to feel good has been central to her mission and what drives continual development. With the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, recognising and developing mental health and a strong mindset is something that is truly critical to coping with the pressures of business and life. A mother and wife, family is at the heart of everything, an adventure in itself.

Podium M&B Creative Director & Coach


At Podium, Lana aims to support the customer experience and give insight, alongside Emmet, in the areas of mindset, well-being and performance.  She is also the in-house photographer, having studied fitness photography in 2020.
Now also a Certified Life & Business Coach, Lana is continuously looking to grow her talents to help others succeed and live a richer life.