Let's Talk Business

Sometimes the deeper we get into an idea or business the harder it is to see things with clear eyes. 

Lana Gregan
The New & Small Business Review & Report is just that, fresh eyes. In order to perform at the top of your game, and keep a clear and focused mind, it is important to be open and seeking new perspectives on an ongoing basis.

'An afforable and clear service'

Building a business is no joke, it's seriously hard work, work that takes great passion to survive and succeed. I've been there, working 24 hours a day, burnt out and getting no where. But the passion and drive keeps you going, keeps you pushing. However, although determination is crucial to getting through the immense challenges posed by creating and building a business, I found it would of been very useful to have an affordable and clear review from someone who had been there before. Not a consultant charging thousands of euro (the average fee), but someone to give an opinion on where the current strategy was going and if there was anything I could learn or do to avoid any bumps along the way, anything that could be added or removed to better the idea or business.
With my experience spread across a number of sectors including fashion, retail, beauty and technology, from the ground up, I believe I can help new and small business see things with a fresh perspective and provide a boost where needed.  
The offering is exactly what it says on the tin. Simply complete a form upon registration with high level information about your concept and or small business and I will review the existing customer experience, offerings and designs and provide a full report on things to note, learn and ideas/suggestions/recommendations on what could be done to get to the next level.

What's covered in the review?

Business Website
Social Media Pages
Interior & Exterior Design (for physical business)
Lines of Revenue
High Level Costings
Team & Management Structure
Funding & Grants
Branding & Marketing Strategy
Out of the Box suggestions
Any other helpful recommendations
I've learned that two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different, so give it a try, take the support and let your business evolve.
If you have any questions on this service please contact Lana at info@podiummindandbody.com