Training Supplements

Pre- Workout

45 minutes prior to training

1 serving of a high quality Pre Workout such as Cellulor C4




Intra Workout

Intra Workout to be consumed whilst working out

Mix 1.5L of water with

- 20g of Essential Amino Acids


- 20g of Glutamine






- 5g of Creatine Monohydrate


Or you can use a fortified Whey Protien, which can also be used to mix in your yoghurt or meals for example.



These supplements are not essential but will aid in performance in training and enhance recovery, which will accelerate your progress.


General Health Supplements

- Multivitiman


- Omega 3 Fish Oils & Vitamin D



These are examples of recommended supplements for general health and wellness, please consult with your doctor before changing your diet in case you have any specific requirements.