Capture Your Best Self

The Podium Transformation Programme

 Course 5 B Starting 8th of August 2022 OPEN

 Course 5B Finishes with a photoshoot weekend of 25th of November 2022 (Photoshoot participation is recommended but optional)


If you have a goal to transform your physique, there is no better motivation than a planned photoshoot. Whether you want to transform for an upcoming event such as a wedding or simply want to boost your confidence, this is a programme made for you. But.. we don't stop there!

We show you how a strong body and mind, through the use of healthy habits, can transform not just your physique, but your entire life, from your environment, to relationships and career. This programme is the best available personalised course for far reaching and long personal development. 

Show yourself what you can achieve, and transform your health and well-being. Join us today and make 2022 your year. 






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''The Photoshoot Programme was literally life changing for me, not just physically but above all else mentally. I started because I wanted accountability to help get into a healthy, consistent routine with my exercise and nutrition but it became so much more for me. I've discovered myself, my strength, and resilience but most importantly it's helped me to create a life that I really truly love'' Cat.


What's involved?

- online body composition coaching, culminating in a fitness photoshoot on completion. **Shoots available in multiple locations all across Ireland, open to all.

- Payment is made in 3 instalments, each of €240 spread over the coaching period (charged every 6 weeks) or pay up-front and save €121.

- NEW package now available to also include sessions from our sister business, The Fitness Tailor, located in Counties Wexford and Wicklow, payments are 3 installments of €300 paid over the coaching period or an upfront option and save €100. 

- You will receive a fully customised training programme, with the clients training environment taken into consideration, no equipment is necessary, although beneficial. Train in the comfort of your own home or use our programmes in a local commercial gym. You can also use our app to track all your exercise including running, swimming, GAA and more for a full overview of your development and progress.

- Along with a personalised training programme, you will receive nutritional guidance, with full calorie and macro management. There is no strict diet to follow, we are about good wholesome food and flexibility for the individual, promoting long term success.

- NEW training with Lana on how to make change happen from starting new habits to developing a new lifestyle that works for you. Lana shows you how you can maintain positive changes into the future with practical tools to help you navigate through challenges to your routine and mindset, a crucial component to continued development and success.

- All Delivered through our exclusive Podium Members App 

- Exercise Videos with each online programme throughout the course

- Each week there will be a mandatory check-in. This includes a questionnaire report and progress photos, which are essential to ensure you stay on the right path and progress effectively throughout your programme.

- In app direct messaging for full support.

*Sharing of Images post photoshoot is optional


Check out our Photoshoot FAQs HERE



''I have spent many years yo yoing, going through countless quick fixes, reading a million diet books, always getting bored and giving up before ever really seeing decent results, so many times in the past. 

For me, joining this programme was about finally committing to something long term. 
Emmet knows what he is doing. The plan is simple - a no nonsense training & eating plan that is both challenging & enjoyable with no uncertainty. 
Over the period of 5 months with Emmet,  I managed to get results which I had only dreamed of!
I finally have arms, shoulders and back muscles. My self-confidence in the gym has skyrocketed. 
This programme has completely changed my attitude towards training and food. 
The programme involves plenty of hard work and a healthy dose of reality from Emmet every Friday but most importantly...great results. 
The new fit(ish), stronger me definitely feels much happier and more confident so I'd encourage anyone looking to make some serious changes to get started. 
Emmet is friendly, supportive & understanding and I felt that he genuinely cared about my progress and was full of encouragement, even on the many fridays I wanted to throw in the towel. This is the beauty of this programme. You can't give up, you have to keep going to the end!  Your reasons & goals might be different to mine but I can honestly say that you won't regret it if you chose this programme and stick with it. 
I'm  beyond delighted with my progress thus far, and even more excited to see what else I can accomplish going forward. 
Endless amounts of appreciation for Emmet.''




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''I have just completed the photoshoot program with Emmet, from the first day to the day of the photoshoot Emmet was there to help every step of the way, Emmet took me to the next level of where I wanted to be in so many different areas from what to eat to the right work out programme for me, I would never have gotten the results I got from just going to the gym and doing my own thing, and the weekly check-ins with Emmet kept me on track and motivated to get the best I could from this program. I highly recommend this program to anybody wanting to take themselves to the next level of training and exercise.''



"I recently completed the photoshoot program with Emmet, and have previously struggled to stay consistent with both nutrition and adherence to gym programs this package provided me with great motivation and accountability. Having an expert program designed for you with calorie and macro targets set it really allowed me to focus on being consistent. Emmet provided expert advice and encouragement during the weekly checkins which kept me on track in terms of motivation. If you are looking for exceptional guidance and accountability I highly recommend the photoshoot package"